#Brelfie – Would you share breastfeeding pictures on social media?

Let me take a… Brelfie?! or breastfeeding pictures – I know I would, would you?14581548_1114947608597917_5670647231806315159_n-1


The answer to the above question for me is, yes. I have and do post breastfeeding pictures, not because I am wanting to flaunt my tits, or brag that I am able to breastfeed, simply because I am sharing pictures of my daughter feeding – just like seeing a baby drinking milk from a bottle, whether expressed or formula.

I always think it’s such an empowering thing for us women to do – to share pictures breastfeeding our babies to help normalise it.

There is so much controversy on women breastfeeding in public let alone sharing pictures of them nursing online. You see so many celebrities sharing breastfeeding selfies (brelfie) online and I always feel it makes other women feel confident enough to do the same, including me.




Although many people on the internet argue that these photos are explicit and personal, which I agree to some extent, but if women want to share them – let them!

The reason I like to post pictures on social media of me nursing Holly, is to show newly breastfeeding mums that they’re not alone, and to give them that extra boost of confidence.

If I’m willing to post snaps of my every day life, you’ll bet a breastfeeding picture will be one of them. Why? because it’s my every day life.

 I feel empowering to confidently to post pictures of me breastfeeding, many women wouldn’t dream of it; but I feel proud of my ability as a woman to breastfeed my baby, as well as her great ability to do so too.

I’ve never once received any negative comments or indirect comments regarding me openly sharing my proud breastfeeding journey with my daughter.

I believe because although a lot of people will turn their nose up at the sight of it, it’s completely natural and my baby is thriving, all thanks to my amazing body (minus the wobbly bits).



I love seeing fellow breastfeeding mums sharing pictures of themselves feeding their babies; and I feel a greater amount women need to be more open towards breastfeeding and try to embrace it.

Many of us women hide away due to what society claims it to be ‘unacceptable’.

By more women sharing their breastfeeding journey’s, more people of this generation and many to come will grow to be more educated and normalised with breastfeeding, not something which is frowned upon.


So.. the biggest question of all, would you share a brelfie?


Laura xx


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