10 Things Not To Say To a Breastfeeding Mum

10 things to never say to a breastfeeding mum – seriously. The amount of times I have rolled my eyes at certain comments I’m surprised they aren’t permanently at the back of my head.

1. “She is using you for a dummy” 
Yeah, probably. But if it’s not your nipple getting sucked 19 hrs a day, I really wouldn’t worry about mine.

2. “When you sticking her on a bottle then?” 
Oh, I hadn’t thought of that. Hence why I’m still breastfeeding.

But it’s good to know all of the effort and struggle I have put in to feed my daughter, is a waste of my time.

Bottles solve everything, apparently.


3. “Are you worried about your boobs getting saggy?”
*Eye roll*.. Breastfeeding, if you didn’t know, does not cause your breasts to sag. Pregnancy does that for you. 

4. “Your not planning on breastfeeding over a year, are you?”
No, of course not! When she is a year old, I am going to take away her main food source and her comfort, make her go cold turkey and carry on with my day!
Easy peasy, urgh!
It has NOTHING to do with you for however long I want to breastfeed my child for. P*** off. 

5. “She’s feeding, again?!” 
If my daughter is showing signs of wanting milk, I will whip my tit out and feed her, again.
I’d rather feed her every 20 minutes of the day rather than hear her cry, thank you. 

6. “Are you sure she’s getting enough milk?”
FYI, my boobs are not transparent.

No I don’t know if she’s getting enough, but she will feed for as long as she needs to, until she is full.
If she is not full, she’ll feed again.

7. “I’m all for breastfeeding, but…”
But nothing. You’re not ‘all for breastfeeding’ then, are you?

8. “A bit of formula won’t hurt”
That’s great. But if you hadn’t noticed, I chose not to formula feed.
Saying that to a newly breastfeeding mum could cause a lot of damage if she was to take THAT sort of advice.
Her milk supply will drop, the baby will prefer a bottle and you’re back to square one. Please, STOP. 

9. “When are you going to let your partner bond?”
You. Did. Not. Just walk the f*** away. 

10. “Back in my day, I was told they only receive nutrients from breast milk for 6 months” 
That’s great. 

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