‘Our Breastfeeding Journey’ Series – Featuring Jenni From ChillingWithLucas.com

Our Breastfeeding Journey

Featuring Jenni from chillingwithlucas.com


I knew I wanted to breastfeed when I was pregnant but I hadn’t really thought anything more of it.

When Lucas arrived I struggled to get him to latch on. When I was in hospital the nursing assistants just seemed to shove him on but he wouldn’t stay in place.

The first week of being at home my emotions were obviously all over the place. I was struggling to feed him, I was in agony from him not latching on properly and felt miserable about it.

I talked to my midwife when she came to do our checks and she told me not to worry about it and to get some formula and put him on the bottle. I kind of understand why she said this, I suppose she didn’t want me to get worked up and was letting me know that there is nothing wrong with formula and bottle. However, this is the last thing I wanted to hear. I wanted support, I wanted advice, I didn’t want to be told to give up in the first week. When I made it clear I didn’t want to stop just yet, she prescribed me Lansinoh nipple cream, I cannot recommend it enough.

I googled support groups and found Families and Babies, local to me. They had a phone number and as soon as they came on the phone I burst out crying. I was overwhelmingly tired and fed up. She talked to me and took my details and a volunteer came out to our house to see me. I also cried when she came round, she reassured me and helped me to put Lucas in different positions to see which worked best for us. Without her, I wouldn’t have continued breastfeeding.

It eventually got easier but it definitely didn’t feel like a natural thing to do and took time for us both to get used to each other.

I would feed on demand which in the beginning felt like Lucas was permanently attached to me. I had always said that when he turned 1 I would wean him off but it hasn’t happened yet. He was around 15 months when I weaned him off day feeds, I wanted to put a stop to him dragging my top up or down in public whenever he felt the need. I also wanted to stop before he was old enough to have massive public tantrums about me not feeding him.

I am still feeding during the night and Lucas now knows that bedtime is when he can have boobie and once he is up in the morning it is all gone until bedtime again. He doesn’t try and get any during the day or afternoon nap. It took a couple of weeks to get into that routine. I am planning on weaning him off completely in the next few weeks, he turned 2 a couple of weeks ago. I’m not looking forward to that as I know he wont be happy and it is much easier to pacify him and distract him from it during the day than at night.

I’m glad I continued to breastfeed and would recommend all pregnant woman that want to feed to look up their local support group before having the baby. Have a look at when there are groups for you to go to and if they can visit you in the first week home. You may not need it but you will feel a lot better knowing you have this information ready if you do.


You can find Jenni’s blog over at www.chillingwithlucas.com 

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  1. March 22, 2017 / 4:13 pm

    Thanks for featuring me x

    • March 22, 2017 / 4:33 pm

      You are very welcome Jenni! Thank you xx

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