#Tag – The Little One (Questions Answered By My 6 Month Old!)

I have been tagged by Baby Anon at The Secret Life Of The Baby to answer questions, by Holly! Thanks for letting us take part.

Here goes..

1: What’s the best thing about being 6 months old?

Well, I’d have to say the best thing about being 6 months is starting to eat food! Usually I’ll grab whatever food mummy and daddy are eating, if they’re eating a mini roll.. It’s mine! I get to explore all day and I’m currently learning to stand whilst holding onto things!

2: Favourite toy?

I enjoy playing with my Iggle Piggle toy and, well, anything that comes in my reach! Mummy’s shoes are pretty fun, as well as my big brothers action figures – I still can’t understand why he gets a grump on every time he retrieves one of his toys out of my mouth.


3: Favourite thing to do?

Whinge. Scream. Cry. I enjoy bath time with mummy and splashing in her face! But the best of all? Sucking on my mummy’s nipple all day to the point she’s sobbing in pain.

4: Favourite outfit?

Usually a cute ‘that’ll do’ baby grow that mummy grabs from my wardrobe each morning. They’re super comfy!

5: Favourite television programme?

I don’t really watch television that often – only when mummy has lost all hope in settling me after an hour of listening to my ‘one-toned whinge’. I’d say probably In the night garden, it makes me giggle!

6: Favourite book?

Spot Goes to School! I like to grab it, pull at it, not forgetting eating it too!


7: Favourite food?

MINI ROLLS! Well, that’s if mummy or daddy is eating one. My favourite would have to be mummy’s special Spaghetti Bolognese!

8: Favourite song?

Definitely 7 Years by Lukas Graham! Daddy sings it to me all the time. Although it usually sounds as though a cat is being strangled, I pretend to enjoy it by smiling and laughing.. To cut the guy some slack!

9: What makes you laugh?

When mummy smells my cheesy feet! Or when Daddy hangs me upside down and pretends to eat me!

10: Who do you love and why?

My whole family of course! They make me happy, smile, laugh and sometimes cry when they take things away from me which could potentially harm me (all part of the fun!).




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  1. November 6, 2016 / 6:56 pm

    What a fab read, and lovely pictures too! That’s so cool that you’re starting to stand up – it took me ages. Go Holly! I’m with you on the babygros – aren’t they just the best!? You’re braver than me as I hate the bath – but I do enjoy a good whinge, especially today. Mini rolls – yum yum yum! And I did chuckle to read about your mum smelling your cheesy feet – ha ha! You’re clearly an awesome baby and it’s great to hear your views on the world. Thanks for taking part, Baby Anon xx

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