Something which me and Rob get asked quite regularly is – “When are you having another baby?” And I’m pretty sure we get asked because we already have 4 children together already!

 Don’t get me wrong, I would love another baby in the future – and it would definitely be easier with a closer age gap so Holly and baby #3 can play together, but would it be too much to handle?

Alfie and Holly have a 6 year age gap. Although it’s easier in the sense I don’t have to run around after a toddler whilst looking after a baby, Alfie is just as demanding.

Unless the boys are here, he’s always complaining he’s bored and wanting me to play with him. 

Holly, 28 weeks.

Having two children is hard enough, almost 5 months in and I’d say we’re only just becoming settled instead of it being a complete mad house.
I’m not the one to get pregnant just because I’m feeling broody and crave a new born, if that was the case I would’ve had another baby soon after having Alfie.
I’m more realistic – I have to think about whether or not I could handle another baby, can we afford it and are we really ready?

Rob copes really well under pressure and in stressful environments.

Heck, one time he let the boys have a friend over each, plus an extra boy and had Holly whilst I went for a meal with some friends.. 7 boys and a baby! I would’ve gone all over grey by the end of the day if that had been me.

So in answer to that question, Rob is always broody and definitely wants another baby in the near future, I on the other hand question it all the time.

A baby is such a big commitment and although second time round I had my head more screwed on, I still couldn’t budge the terrifying thought that this child will be a part of my life forever and for the next however many years I will be caring for them.

I’m already worried about Holly growing up – having to do the dreaded first day of school again, period talks, boy troubles.. How am I meant to throw another baby into the mix? 

Me and Alfie, July 2010

On the other hand, pregnancy is something that I miss. So it’s kinda hard juggling the fact of wanting the pregnancy, but not ready for the commitment of a 3rd baby.

I’m such an over-thinker of things, although Holly was partially planned, I couldn’t help getting the ‘oh god, have I made the right choice?’ feeling when I first saw the positive lines on a pregnancy test. And I always wonder if I’ll get the same feeling with a 3rd baby too. 

What I know for sure is – I do want another baby, just not yet.

Although the thought of a newborn baby does sound lovely and exciting – I just can’t get on board with the thought. I have my lovely Alfie and dainty little Holly and I’m pretty happy with that.

I guess only time will tell, it could be by the time Holly is a year old that I’ll be super broody and ready to bring another baby into the world – who knows!

Are you planning or wanting another baby? If not, why? 

Laura xx