4am wake up call this morning from Holly, what a nightmare! I believe she is going through what they call ‘month 4 sleep regression’, constant crying in the day time, takes about half an hour to get her down to nap, cranky, and now THIS. It’s her pretty face which lets her get away with it (and my love for her of course), but the worst of it all, as soon as Daddy is home – angel! 

So, how true is it? Sleep regression is something to do with the brain and as it matures, their sleep patterns change. But I guess the most important answer to ‘how true is it?’ is –  YES, IT’S TRUE, AND IT’S HORRIBLE. 

Sometimes people without children think it’s some sort of walk in the park. They cry, eat, poop and sleep. Sleep? hahaha. 
It’s so much more than that! You have to make sure they’re occupied – squeaky toys and anything that lights up is your best friend, anything to stop them from whinging (even though they already have for the past hour). Don’t even bother sitting down whilst holding them, they will kick off to high heaven until you’re standing and rocking back and forth – my record is 2 hours straight. Peeing by yourself is what, I feel, a lot of people take for granted before having children. I’m either stalked whilst I go to the toilet, or have a baby on my lap at the same time (give me a break!), and why is it they always need a poop as soon as you do?!

So not only is sleep regression a pain in the arse, you get everything else chucked on top of that. And due to baby not getting any sleep, they’re a cranky, miserable mess for days. But the worst of it all, I actually LOVE it. I love being a mum, waking up at night time knowing I have this tiny little human dependant on me, who cannot talk – and the only way she does this is by whinging & crying. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I need reminding of this when I’m feeling completely touched out by both her and Alfie whilst I sob in the bathroom for 10 minutes. 

With phases like these, I need to remind myself that it doesn’t last forever. One day she won’t be waking me up at 4am for boobie & a cuddle, or laughing at me whilst I pull silly faces, or tugging at my hair whilst I blow raspberries on her tummy. All of these things, make it so so worth it. Being a parent isn’t easy, sometimes we cry and need reassurance that we’re doing OK, I feel like I’m constantly failing – but the fact my kids are alive & well, says a lot! 

6am – time for sleep!

L xx