I always said when I had Alfie that I would definitely encourage hobbies when he was older. At the age of 7, he has swimming lessons once a week on a Wednesday and football training on a Friday evening. He enjoys them both so much and it’s part of his weekly routine, he looks forward to it and it can help him unwind from school and gives him the motivation to do his best in both activities.

Football Hobbies

I think it is so important for children to grow with productive hobbies and I feel it will help Alfie perform well his life both professionally and personally.

It gives me, as a parent, the chance to award him on his great efforts which aren’t just school. School is boring and I can’t expect Alfie to walk out of the school gates with a gleaming face telling me how great it was that day. Not that that happens anyway. 

Without a hobby, his days in the week consists of school, home, play, dinner, bath, bed. I can’t imagine how much of a lag that would be without a fun activity in the week to mix it up a little bit. I’m sure any adult can agree if your life only consisted of work with no social life in between, you’d go a little stir crazy.

Unfortunately, Alfie is a huge lover of video games, watching YouTube videos and spends a lot of time online (shocking for the age of 7, I know!). But technology is a huge part of this new generation and I try to embrace it as much as I can, without it completely taking over his precious young life.

Having hobbies in the week gives him the chance to be a child, to splash around in the water and kick a ball on a field with his friends. It not only gives him the chance to be a kid but also gets him active and allows him to socialise with children outside of school.

Hobbies benefit children in many ways. It gives a child an opportunity to express themselves, and it allows them to discover themselves and build self-esteem. They are also likely to make more friends especially if they join a club where the other children are interested in the same activity or hobby.

I have seen a huge improvement in Alfie’s self-esteem since starting his swimming lessons and football. It gives him an opportunity to value his efforts in different activities and also gives me the chance to praise him for something which isn’t just school work.

Alfie has grown a great passion for football and although he may not be the next Messi, it’s something he thoroughly enjoys and is able to look forward to each week.

Whether your child wants to take up swimming, football or even a craft club after school, it’s  so beneficial not only for the educational side but also the chance for them to build a passion for something they enjoy, as well as to keep them busy during the week.



If your child has a hobby – what do they do?

Laura x