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You don’t have to wait for the summer to take the kids outside. Enjoying all the seasons the UK has to offer should give your kids lots of fun experiences. But when the sun is shining, there are some things you can enjoy more. If you’re planning to get outside this summer, you might spend time in the garden or maybe visit your nearest park. Getting outdoors gives everyone space to expend some energy, and you get the chance to do some things that aren’t allowed indoors. For some outside inspiration for fun with the kids this summer, try some of these ideas.

Play an Outdoor Game

Running around inside the house isn’t exactly going to make you happy. So it’s likely that you’ve made it an outdoor-only activity. But there can be a lot more to do outside than just run around, including playing lots of different games. If you’re out in the garden or at the park, you probably have more space than you would have inside. You can play a game that requires equipment, or you can just encourage the kids to use their imaginations. You can try anything from playing football to going on a bear hunt. Get some plastic tennis rackets or maybe set up a game of croquet or mini-golf.

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Get Messy

Doing anything too messy is also not something you really want in your home. However, outside, you don’t have to worry nearly as much about getting paint on the kitchen walls. There are lots of fun and messy activities you can try outside, from playing with sand and water to filling water pistols with coloured water or thinned down paint. You can draw with chalk on the patio, paint with mud or create a pile of soapy bubbles to play in. Just make sure that no one is wearing their best clothes, or there could be tears.

Work on the Garden

Get the kids involved with doing the gardening now and they could grow up to love doing it. There are lots of things they can help with, even when they’re only toddlers. How about a project to transform your pond with this range of pond paint? Or you could plant some new seeds or bulbs. It’s pretty easy for kids of almost any age to help with digging holes or filling them in again. They can also help you to water the plants and pull up weeds.

How do you like to enjoy outdoor play with your kids?

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