Co-sleeping has been my saviour over the past 10 months. Holly has slept in our bed pretty much since birth to save (what is left of) my sanity. Each time her little head would be placed in her moses basket, her eyes would pierce open and she would start to whale a one-toned whinge until I put her on my boob. I could’ve either played the 5 minute nap, up again for an hour game, or put her straight into my bed and have at least 1 hour of undisturbed sleep. Guess which one I chose?

When Alfie was a toddler, he would spend 90% of his time in my bed. I guess the term ‘building a rod for your own back’ did apply to me – because no matter how much I tried to keep Alfie in his own bed, some point during the night he would sneak in like a baby ninja and spend the rest of the night in my bed. But even if I knew, I was so tired to give a sh*t to start the 2 hour battle of the in bed, out of bed again scenario.

You could call us ‘unintentional co-sleepers’ because it’s not as though I particularly planned to have either of my children co-sleep with me, I’d just decided to chose sleep over being a miserable, sleep deprived demon that has been unleashed from the gates of hell. The first few weeks with a newborn baby are so mentally challenging and I even found myself hearing and seeing flies in my house due to being so sleep deprived.

We’ve just recently sorted out Holly’s cot in her own bedroom and my first thought once it had been sorted was: “sh*t, this is going to be exhausting”. She has never experienced sleeping away from me during the night time and I knew full well I would be up for hours during the night standing in her bedroom rocking her back to sleep, to then hear her suddenly squeal as soon as I put her in her cot. Nighttime separation anxiety is a thing and as Holly spent 9 months inside of my body, not including almost a year being velcro to my hip (and boobs), I know she would struggle to adjust to the idea of sleeping in a separate bed and bedroom.

I still haven’t brought myself to put Holly into her own bed yet, and why? Because I refuse to lose sleep over something which doesn’t really bother me in the first place. Do I enjoy having Holly in bed with us every night headbutting, kicking and constantly fidgeting? No. Would I rather lose hours of precious sleep trying to keep Holly in her cot all night which will more than likely cause her distress? No. As I said previously, co-sleeping is my saviour and without it, I’d probably look more like sh*t than I already do (believe me, it’s a tough one to beat).

I co-sleep for lots of different reasons and the main one being is because I love my sleep. Co-sleeping is convenient, it’s easy and I can whip a tit out easily and have Holly back to sleep within minutes. So, the rules regarding co-sleeping are pretty easy, and I believe it’s just common sense on what not to do if you choose to co-sleep. No pillows or duvet near baby’s face, make sure bedding is fitted tightly on mattress, don’t sleep with baby if you smoke, take drugs or are on a lot of medication. Don’t sleep with baby if you’re over tired. The last one is a load of bollocks if I’m honest – name one parent in this entire country who isn’t over tired? Go on, you’ll get a gold star if you can!?

Another argument regarding co-sleeping is that it ruins people’s sex lives. My only answer to that is – if your sex life only resides in the bedroom, it’s already ruined. So you can’t be that worried in the first place!

Do you co-sleep, or not? What are your reasons?


Laura x