Our Breastfeeding Journey

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Thanks for having me.

Benjamin is my third child. I knew from the start I would breastfeed him, as I have with my older two children. Whereas with the others I fed until they were four and six months, with Benjamin I hope to reach at least twelve months.

I’ve been fortunate that, apart from some bruising and pain down to an incorrect latch to start with, Benjamin’s breastfeeding journey has been a smooth one.

At one day old he was diagnosed as being 100% tongue tied, but fortunately my amazing midwife had it snipped that same day, which meant our feeding wasn’t affected.

Benjamin was a small baby, born at only 6lb 4 oz on his due date. At 3 days old Benjamin had only lost a tiny percentage of his birth weight, and by day 5 he was back up to it.

Since then he has gone from strength to strength, and now at 4 months old, he weighs around 15 pounds and has perfectly followed the 50th centile since birth. I am really proud of both of us as he’s been exclusively breastfed.

Although I have no intention of stopping breastfeeding as it works for us, is free, has helped me lose the baby weight and is ultimately nutritionally best for Benjamin, I refuse to let breastfeeding rule my everyday life more than it needs to.

I have read up on alcohol and breast milk and am confident that I am able to drink within reason and continue feeding Benjamin without any risks to his health, which has been a game changer this time round (after stressful pumping and dumping episodes with the previous two children).

I have also managed to go out, attend Christmas parties and girls nights, and even spend the whole day away from Benjamin on Valentine’s Day with a little forward planning.

Although Benjamin doesn’t really like taking my milk from a bottle he will do if required, so I’ve been able to leave him with Ed, his mum or my mum, which has prevented me from feeling as isolated as I have in the past.

Fortunately, now on my third child, I have the self confidence to feed when out and about, and I have worked out what to wear in order to remain discrete without feeling I can’t look nice at the same time, and, bar the awkward time I forgot and wore a tight dress to a birthday meal and had to practically undress in the middle of a restaurant, things have been fine.

The hardest challenge will be if/when I return to work. It’s all a little up in the air still at the moment as I can’t really afford the childcare to allow me to go back to work, but if I do, and if it happens before Benjamin turns one, I will definitely struggle to be able to continue breastfeeding.

I know people manage it, but working five hours a day without a break, with school runs and pickups either side, I don’t feasibly know how I would manage to express as often as I would need to.

For now I am happy continuing on our breastfeeding journey, it gives Benjamin and I a close bond, which I just haven’t experienced as intensely when moving onto formula feeding in the past.

For anybody considering breastfeeding I would definitely recommend trying it. I understand it isn’t for everyone, and there are plenty of valid reasons why women don’t/can’t breastfeed, but I personally love it and for the reasons I’ve mentioned above, I would always suggest giving it a go.

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