An Open Letter To My Parents

Dear Mum and Dad,

I know you will be reading this – I know because no matter what I post you’re always sharing them. 

When I was growing up, believe it or not, I never saw or understood any arguments you may have had. Life, to me, was perfect. I never saw the stress, commitment and worry which goes in to being a parent. A lot of people when they hear me say “My parents are divorced” immediately assume I am damaged, that I’m not capable of committing to the idea of love, or that I hold an enormous amount of emotional baggage. 

What those people don’t realise is, I was and am able to enjoy each of you individually, I get to have ‘special’ time with you both separately and although that’s something I have grown up to not have a choice in, it’s something which I am grateful for every day as I’ve grown older. I have grown to understand separation, and I don’t believe love lasts forever, but I appreciate all that you both have done and continue to do for me, so this letter is to say thank you. Something which I don’t think I’ve ever appropriately done to date.

Dad, thank you for teaching me that I can achieve anything in life, no matter how afraid it makes me. You have always encouraged me and made me realise I am capable of anything if I put my mind to it. No matter what failures I might come across, those failures do not define me and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You’re always praising me, showing and telling me how proud you are of me, for that I am so so thankful. 

Mum, thank you for showing me how worthy I am. That I should never settle for less and to always be who I am. For teaching me to love myself, even when it seems impossible. You are my comfort blanket, someone who can always pick me up when I’m feeling down. Thank you for being my best friend, through my horrendous teenage years and constant boy troubles. 

Both of you, no matter how many differences you have had, have both been the best parents I could’ve ever asked for. You have both taught me that life is too short and to make the most of it, to always be humble and kind and to always show love where it’s due. The mother I am today, is thanks to you both. That’s from your absolute highs and your crashing lows – which I am able to learn from, and to provide Alfie and Holly with the best mum I can learn to be.

When you both divorced, I never took sides. I loved you both so much equally. There was stages where I felt I had to love one of you more dearly, but I never did. Most of all, from that time, it has taught me that love doesn’t always last forever – that it’s OK to look back at our failures and treat it as life. Your divorce does not define me, nor does it define the love I have for either of you. 

Lastly, thank you both for having me. For that, I was blessed to have you both as parents, I have my amazing brother and sister who are the saviours of my childhood memories. And most of all, thanks to you, I have the most beautiful children who love you both unconditionally.

Love, Laura xx 

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