Babyhood Is Fleeting; Learn To Treasure It

One piece of advice that all new parents should take to heart is to slow it down a little bit. It’s easy to want your baby to grow a little faster, to start speaking and start walking. But if that’s you, you’re living in some of the most precious moments you’re going to miss if you’re not careful. Here’s how to take it slow and better appreciate these days with your baby.

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Accept a little help

Some people have trouble in appreciating the feeling of being a parent to a new baby because it can genuinely be quite hard. You can’t see the wood for the trees because it feels like you’re constantly fighting tiredness and dealing with one critical need or another. Many parents won’t ask for help because they feel like it shows some irresponsibility. Just remember the axiom that it takes a village to raise a baby. We don’t rely on our community as much as we used to. Doing so can really help you better appreciate your time with your child.

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Capture and remember

You don’t want to take away vague memories of what it’s like with your baby right now, either. The first year is such a magical time, but it’s also one that has running to-and-fro so it’s easy to forget a lot of it when it’s over. Make sure you’re capturing memories as you go, whether it means simply taking a photo or a record of new milestones, or even capturing the baby’s journey through every day of the year.

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Make the moment special

There are few things that can make a child more special to their parents. However, a little reminder of their value can make a real positive difference. Accessories like Saffron Bells aren’t just cute and likely to gather attention wherever they go. They are a gesture from a parent who wants to enjoy every moment with their child. With every movement jingling, it makes it a lot easier.

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Forget comparisons

One of the things that really gets in the way of enjoying being a parent to a baby is getting competitive with it. It’s a natural reaction to look at how you’re doing and compare it to other mothers. But it’s one of the most pointless worries about being a parent. We all have our own styles of raising our baby. Asking for advice and sharing tips is a great idea, but you have to trust your gut.

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Find that personality

Many parents want to find a bond with their child, but the truth is that it’s already there. Just because your baby can express things verbally doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a personality. Put down the smartphone and be more mindful of your child’s individuality. You’ll start to see those signs of stroppiness when dealing with too many visitors, of mischievous giggles when you play with her, and how she lights up when you appear.

This part of their life is relatively peaceful, despite how troublesome it can be to get them to sleep. Treasure these moments, because you’re never going to forget them, even when you’re dealing with stroppy, mouthy teenagers.

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