Back To School.. Nooo!

The time is coming.. Alfie is back to school a week today and I can’t help but feel so sad about it! Although I’m looking forward to having some time to myself whilst Holly sleeps, I will miss him so damn much. I definitely think I am an overly attached parent – I think that results from previously having post-natal depression after I had Alfie and I missed out on so much. Every chance I get to cuddle him, kiss him and spend time with him I grab with two hands.  

He’s going into his last year of infant school and next year he’ll be heading off to middle school! It sounds so surreal to me as it only feels like yesterday I was walking him to Playgroup on an early morning and we’d talk about Dinosaurs and pretend we’re being chased by them (we still do that).

Why do children have to grow up so fast? One thing I’ve learnt since being a parent is life is so short. One minute it will be January, you’ll blink and Autumn is upon us. Sometimes I lose sight of how quickly they grow, I remember moaning some evenings when Alfie would want me to read this In The Night Garden book 9-12 times, it would be so boring! Now at the age of 6, although he is exceeding in school for his reading, he never wants me too. I’d do anything to have him ask me to read him a story on a night time. 

I hated school when I was younger, I’d do anything to get out of going to school on a morning. I had constant ‘colds’, ‘headaches’, one time I even held a hot water bottle to my head and quickly made a teacher check my temperature, I was then sent home! But Alfie is the complete opposite thank god, he absolutely loves it! We’ve had the odd day here and there – but overall he really enjoys school. I am not academic in the slightest, I pretty much failed school – the only GCSE’s I left with at grade C was two C’s in ICT. I then had to go back to school when I was 20 and re-do my Maths and English, failed Maths but finally got my C in English!

I wouldn’t say I’m a pushy parent when it comes to Alfie and school – but I like him knowing how important it is to have a good education and I’ll be quick to tell him if something needs improving. I must admit I was pretty surprised when I received his end of year report in July, exceeding in almost every subject and on target in a few. In all honesty, with how he is at home always moaning when having to do homework and not wanting to learn his spellings for a test, I didn’t expect him to do as well as he did – at school he’s the complete opposite. His most enjoyable subject is Maths, which is surprising considering how crap I am at it, if I have to add something up I’ll quickly ask Alfie and he’ll tell me the answer straight away! (I still have to use my fingers!)

I hope in Year 2 he continues to be as great as he had been in Year 1 and I’ll make sure I guide him all the way!

Is anyone else dreading their children going back to school? Or are you jumping with joy arranging a ‘back to school’ party?! 

L xx

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