Should I Consider Giving My Baby A Sibling To Grow Up With?


My whole childhood is filled with hilarious and joyful memories of myself, my sister and my brother together.  Three musketeers driving my mum to insanity but it was always so much fun, games, pranks, bike rides – you name it! My life would not be the same without my siblings.

I am very appreciative of Rob’s two boys, Alfie and them have such a lovely relationship and call themselves ‘brothers’ without thinking twice. They are all so close (minus the few arguments here and there) – and Alfie is always so excited when they are here.

One thing that came up in conversation with me and Rob the other evening was – does Holly need a sibling to grow up with? 

Of course I don’t feel ready yet to be bringing another baby into the world (mentally or physically), but I would hate knowing I’d have yet another child who grows up without a sibling close in age.




I look back, and without my brother and sister, my childhood would’ve been damn right boring. Even the arguments brought some entertainment!

Holly is forever watching the boys laughing together, playing and running around like lunatics, and she’s sat on the living room floor with a few toys she likes smacking and chewing.

She is at the age where mummy and daddy, as well as her brothers running around the house, is highly amusing and entertaining.

I wonder at what age she will be when she will begin getting bored of her own company and the guilt would power over me that I haven’t given her a sibling to grow up with.

By the time she is able to join in with games with her three older brothers, they’ll be at the age where they’ll have mobile phones, going out with friends is way more cool, and teddy tea parties ‘are for babies’.




For many years I had felt guilty that I had Alfie at such a young age, where I wasn’t stable enough within myself or financially to have another baby soon after.

Although Alfie has learnt how to make friends easily whether it’s at soft play, at school or the park; it’s still that sudden sense of guilt when I see him trying to make friends when we’re at soft play and see him smiling whilst watching siblings play together, or when he says “will you play with me mummy?”.

I wonder if it will be the same with Holly, will I have another baby in 5-6 years time to then have to deal with the dreaded ‘only child syndrome’ (you know what I mean) for another long period of time?

Or should I be considering having another baby sooner just to benefit her social needs?

I would love for her to have a sibling to grow up with, but I’m not sure.

I’ve found when Robs boys are here I find it so much easier than I do just having Alfie on his own, they amuse each other and I don’t have to be Alfie’s entertainer for 5 hours straight, whilst trying to maintain the house as well as look after his baby sister who is much more demanding.

I wonder how mums with 4 or more children do it?! especially when their partner works full-time. I know the key factor when you have a large family is routine, I get it, heard it a hundred times.

Sometimes when you have a new baby, you can’t always stick to the routine you had once before. When Holly was new born, Rob had gone back to work, I struggled to continue with Alfie’s daily routine.

Holly was feeding on demand which meant I couldn’t tend to Alfie’s needs as quickly as I used to, dinner time became 6pm instead of 5pm, including late baths and later bedtimes.


How many children do you have? What are your thoughts on giving your youngest child a younger sibling close in age? Is it important? I’d love to hear your opinions! 

Laura x






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