Growing Up Too Soon?

I remember when Alfie was little, I had this image of being super strict when it came to video games, internet access and TV use. But now I’ve realised that as younger generations are growing, so is their knowledge of technology. Alfie at the age of 6 is able to turn on WiFi, use the search engine & access YouTube when he has use of our family laptop (shocking – I know).

Alfie – surrounded by toys?!

“Why don’t you go and play with your toys Alfie?”

“No that’s boring!”

I can’t remember any toys being boring when I was his age. It’s as if the older he gets, the more imagination he loses. I know we aren’t all kids forever, but I’d love for him to hold onto that a bit longer at least! 

One Christmas when I was younger, my brother got a PS2, it was amazing and I remember playing Crash Bandicoot & racing games with him. But even we found that boring after a while, and would head off back to our heaps of toys, or play in the garden. 

Problem with Alfie is, in ways, he is an only child. He has his step-brothers, but they’re only here a couple of days in the week. His sister isn’t very exciting, being 4 months old. I’m pretty boring myself I’ll admit – playing cars & dinosaurs for 3 hours straight does get pretty tiresome, as well as having his baby sis to look after, too. 

And who would’ve thought I’d have a whole page full of children game app’s on my phone!?

“Mum can I play on your phone?”

Is something I hear daily, even when we’re out! 

Alfie really enjoys YouTube and I have considered making our own channel one day. But for now, I try to keep things as child friendly as possible – I couldn’t bare the thought of him stumbling across a video which contained adult content, violence or rude language. To do this, it will need to be a desktop version on your YouTube account. At the bottom of the page, their will be ‘Restricted Mode’, click on that and it will drop down. It will give you an option to enable restricted mode on that account!


So, is it me? Have I influenced this exciting world of technology & internet… Or is it the evolution of technology which has been made accessible and interesting for children? Would love to hear your views!

L x

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  1. August 20, 2016 / 8:21 am

    His tripod should arrive today, hope he enjoys it xxxx nanna

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