Mum-splanations To Questions From A 6 Year Old

Kids are creative, they’re curious little human beings with questions to almost everything in life. For the duration of 6 years since becoming a mother I have been bombarded with questions from Alfie; some of which I can’t explain without forcefully trying not to break out in fits of laughter, and others I try and make ‘child friendly’ as possible.


I’m not the brightest spark, most days I feel I’m living in some kind of game show with having a dozen and one questions thrown at me, usually I use a lifeline and ask Rob (he knows everything). The most common questions us parents get asked at least once during parenthood are ‘Why is the sky blue?’ ‘Why do I have to go to school?’ and ‘When will you die?’ (Ok, just mine? maybe?)


The hardest questions yet which I have been asked are ‘Where does the baby come out of?’ and the hardest one being ‘Where is my dad?’ .


I believe you have to be honest to your children, and give them answers to questions which they desire, it’s a part of how they learn and although Alfie asking me the same question 10 times in a row does become very tiresome, I try to answer them the best I can.


“Mummy, where does the baby come out of?”

Yep, he asked it, and I bloody knew he would. You know when you’re asked a question which you have no idea how to respond to? resulting in the person asking again? Well, he asked it again. My first response was “well..” and then I went on.. “you see this scar above my belly button? (gall bladder 2010) well, when I had you, the doctor made a little cut and was able to pull you out. That’s where your baby sister will come out” as far as I knew at the time, I was having a vaginal birth which I did end up having, but technically I wasn’t lying. Babies are born vaginally or surgically.



Ah, so that’s why I can’t breathe under water..


“Where is my dad?” 

Agh, heart breaking. I have written a post regarding ‘How To Tell A Child About An Absent Parent’ you can read it HERE.


“Why do I have balls?”

Yes, he is referring to his scrotum. How do us parents put up with these sort of questions? I didn’t exactly start going into ‘the birds and the bees’ talk, well, I didn’t go into anything apart from ‘it’s just what boys have’. Same when it comes to the whole willy & vagina scenario. He asked me once “why do I have a willy?” my first response was “well, if you didn’t have one you wouldn’t be able to wee!” or have babies, but he definitely didn’t need to know that!



Mr curious


“Why do we have to die?” 

I never liked this question, it all came from when we lost both our beloved chocolate Labradors in the space of a year. I had to try and explain that death is something that happens and everyone has to experience it eventually. Alfie’s anxiety sky rocketed when he understood that death is something mummy will experience one day – but he couldn’t understand that he has siblings, perhaps his own family and possibly grandchildren when that time comes. Death scares me, so I couldn’t imagine how a 6 year old would feel about it. “When somebody dies, they turn into a star” I loved his curious face every time he would look up into the sky and say “keri and tess are up there!” and without sounding cheesy, it did give him comfort.


What questions have you been asked by your children? Funny, scary or even ludicrous?


Until next time…

Laura x


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