Mums On The School Run – How Do Find The Time To Do It?!

Mums on the school run, how do you find the time to do it?!

I know I lack in motivation, 90% of the time I cannot be arsed to do anything, honestly. 

But my biggest question of all is – how do you mums do it?!

I’m not talking about generally being a mum – I sometimes suck at that, majority of the time I think I slay.

I’m talking about looking fabulous, remembering to brush your teeth before the school run and going to the gym!


I always see these super fabulous mums on the school run in the mornings.

Their hair looks washed, tidy and lovely (I’ve even seen curled hair! CURLED! Wtf).

I stroll up with my 4 day old chip shop hair, slung up into a (kind of) messy bun which looks as if someone has rubbed a static balloon on my head.

Where do you get the time?! Either I’m super lazy, or these women have miraculously produced themselves more time in the mornings. 

As for make-up, I have and do spend a fortune on the stuff, but I hardly ever have the time to use it!

I’m talking Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder (fancy, I know).

All this money I have wasted on make-up which I don’t have a minute in the day to even use, especially in the mornings.  

Clothes. Hahaha I’m going to be super (disgustingly) honest – well, in the mornings, I will pick anything out of my wardrobe to wear.

I don’t even think I take a second look.

If the top I wore the day before smells ok, I’ll wear it, or the tank top that I slept in.

I’m too rushed, come 8 am I’m still begging Alfie to get dressed for school, whilst brushing his teeth, rushing around trying to find his water bottle and during this, I have Holly clung onto my nipple. 

Regarding the gym, of course because I’m still breastfeeding I’d rather not imagine myself on a running machine whilst using a breast pump.

But even if I wasn’t still breastfeeding, I couldn’t find the time. 

Although I’m still pretty petite, I lost all of my baby weight within a week after having Holly (don’t kill me), but I am the biggest I have ever been.

I’ve done the reverse effect – have baby, lose all the weight then a few months later gain a shit ton due to Mr Kipling French Fancies (a whole pack in 10 mins may I add). 

Sometimes seeing all of these gorgeous, flawless mummy’s makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong.

Why can’t I be like that?

 I’ve even begun questioning Rob on his engagement to me. No matter how many times he tells me I’m beautiful. Liar.

What I do know, when I’ve had the rare occasion where I am able to do my hair and make-up, brush my teeth, do a few squats (10 before I begin grabbing for my inhaler). 

I invest that spare 20 minutes I have sitting down with a cup of tea and listening to nothing. 

Nothing being Alfie whinging at me that he’s lost that Lego figure which he never plays with.

Or Holly crying because I’m not daddy.

*note to self, must buy a Rob mask*

Much rather than putting my face on or straightening my hair until it becomes singed.

If Rob can propose to me after he’s seen me giving birth, I’m sure the shitty state I look most days can’t change his mind much now.

When I look at Alfie in the mornings, with his teeth brushed, face washed, hair looking fab.

I realise I definitely invest more time in my children more than I do myself, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

Of course, some mums are able to spare themselves that extra time in the mornings.

I, on the other hand enjoy that extra time with my head on a pillow.

I’m beginning to embrace the tramp-on-the-school-run look. 

Laura x


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