Things New Parents Worry About, But Shouldn’t


Becoming a parent for the first time is an emotional experience. There’s the excitement about the future and what your children might achieve. But new parents are also prone to worry. Will they be good enough parents? Will they meet the needs of their children? Will they be a good role model? Or will their children end up as neurotic and depressed as they are?

According to HuffPost, these sorts of questions are common. But, say experts at the paper, they’re usually baseless. Here are some of the things that new parents worry about that they really shouldn’t.

Messing Up

One of the biggest concerns of parents is “messing up” – either dropping their kid on the floor or having them fall out of the bed in the middle of the night and injuring themselves. Society teaches parents that dropping children on their heads leaves them brain dead.

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But the truth is that people have been dropping babies for millennia – ever since humans first walked the Earth. And over the years, babies have built up some pretty significant resilience. They are soft and flexible, meaning that if they do accidentally fall, they’re unlikely to break anything.

Of course, infants still need cots like those from Cuckooland to keep them from falling out of bed during the night. But the long-run consequences of small falls on baby’s mental development are usually a lot less than parents imagine.

What Other People Think About Them

A common view among many adults is that looking after one child and going out to work is difficult. Looking after two is impossible. But it all depends on the type of parent you are, according to a mum of two, Traci Roberts. She says that everybody told her working and looking after her two little boys would be impossible. But she says that she managed it with no problems at all.

Not Knowing What The Baby Needs

Having a baby in the house can be quite anxiety-producing. Not only are they incredibly precious, but they’re also completely unable to communicate their needs. Parents constantly have to guess what they want – or so the story goes.

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However, this is another example of something that parents really don’t need to worry about. According to Lauren Olsen Harrington, mother of two, as soon as they come out you instinctively get to know what they need.

Not Knowing If The Baby Will Love You

Some mums worry that when they have a child, the child won’t love them back. But, according to Julie Wattenberg, a parent who put all her kids through daycare, they still love her deeply, even though she isn’t around all that much. Her advice, therefore, is for parents not to worry.

Forgetting The Baby And Leaving It Somewhere

Babies are small creatures, and so many parents-to-be imagine that they’ll end up leaving their baby somewhere, whether it’s in the car, on the train or at the park. Kim Allsup says that she worried a lot about leaving her baby somewhere when she first became a parent. However, now she’s a mother and has a strong bond with her baby, she laughs at the fact that she ever had such thoughts.

As new parents, we need to have trust in ourselves that we’re actually doing better than we think – and our babies think we’re doing brilliantly. Parenthood is one of the hardest jobs anyone could ever have, I know that for sure, and sometimes we just need that boost of confidence and for someone to say “you’re doing great” to make us realise that we are.

If you’re a parent, what worries did you have when your baby arrived?

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