Late Night Chats With My Sensitive 6 Year Old

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Every night, me and Alfie like to sit on his bed and have a long, thoughtful chat. It could be anything – from how he feels, why does the earth spin, or girls. Ha. Yep, my 6 year old is a complete womaniser.


Love letters to Alfie! adorable.


Although I have been a mum to Alfie for almost 7 years, I’m still getting to know him. I’m still learning all about his forever growing personality and to me, he is my fabulous, hilarious ginger whinger who brings so much light into my life.

Said child however, is very sensitive. When I say sensitive, he cries when dogs die in movies and he gets emotional when explaining his undying love for his baby sister.

I can be bias in saying my son is an incredible person. But seriously, he’s is like no child I have ever met in my entire life – he is like a grown man in a child’s body.

Conversations with Alfie is like having a chat with a 30 year old man and I sometimes even find he’s giving me life advice (sad, I know).

Many of our late night chats are:

Topic 1 –

“Mum, I’m still so torn up about my break-up with ___.”

Wow. Just wow. I never thought I’d have to be giving relationship advice to my 6 year old kid who used to assume he would be marrying me in his older years.

“Sorry sweetheart, these things just happen. It’s life. One day you will find a girl who will love you so much and will want to be with you forever” 

“So why have you broken up with so many boyfriends?” 

Face palm. I’ve not had too many. Ahem. Moving on…


Topic 2 –

“Mum, I really hope you don’t die”

Thanks child, I hope so too.


Topic 3 –

“I hope I don’t see any clowns on Halloween, they’re really scary. Mummy, don’t dress up as a clown”

Great to know at 8:45pm when you should be sleeping. Considering my childhood fear of clowns, I doubt I’ll be dressing up as one.


Topic 4 – 

“I hate this stupid curly bit of hair on my head, I will cut it off myself if I have to!” 

Isn’t it annoying when something you absolutely adore about your child, they ‘hate’ ? He has naturally curly, ginger hair – for years I have questioned whether or not he would notice that his hair isn’t common. The only time he felt like he ‘fit’ in was when we visited my mum in Ireland. “Everyone has the same hair as me!” bless him.




Little Hearts, Big Love
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  1. October 25, 2016 / 10:01 pm

    Oh bless him being torn up about his break-up with someone – hope you were able to reassure him. Clowns are scary – I’m not surprised he didn’t want you to dress up as one. Alfie’s curly ginger hair is gorgeous – what a shame he doesn’t feel the same about it though. Thank you for linking to #ftmob 🙂

    • October 26, 2016 / 10:34 am

      Yep, the things us mothers have to guide our children through! Thank you, his hair is definitely gorgeous – I told him he is the 2% of people in the whole world who has ginger hair, he liked that! You’re welcome. Thanks for commenting xx

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