Little Update – Mastitis, Holly’s Milestones & SAT’s Tests?!


Happy Monday everyone! I hope you’re all having a lovely bank holiday for those of you off school and off work! The weather is pretty rubbish here on the south coast, Rob and I were hoping to sort out our horrendous garden today, but it looks like that will be off the cards!

Just a little update today as I find that although I do write about certain subjects here on Mumma & Co – I rarely write anything to do with our everyday lives. Just recently I was hit with the dreaded mastitis! You’d think after 12 months of breastfeeding I would’ve dodged that dreadful infection but unfortunately, I did get it and it was a horrendous couple of days for me and the family. I assumed I perhaps slept funny which caused the blockage, but either way, It’s thankfully now gone and I’m back to my normal self!

If you’re not aware of what mastitis is, it’s an infection in the tissue of one or both mammary glands inside the bosoms. I woke up the morning of the 20th of April with awful pain in my left boob! I thought nothing of it other than I’d slept in an awkward position or perhaps Holly had been lying on it throughout the night. Within 2 or so hours of being out of bed, the pain was getting increasingly worse and I felt like I’d caught the flu! I was bed-bound for pretty much 2 days and was given antibiotics to take.

If you’ve ever suffered from mastitis, you’ll know the awful pain which comes with it during feeds, but unfortunately, the only way which I was able to help remove the blockage was getting Holly to feed consistently throughout the day (ouch!). Sadly, it did stop us from enjoying the last few days of the wonderful Easter holidays, but Alfie was so understanding and lovely – he helped me so much with Holly whilst I spent the entire weekend withering in pain. #Blessed

On another subject, Holly is doing remarkably well regarding her development – she is now properly walking and her personality is shining through and making me miss those precious newborn days.

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Although she is very cute, she definitely has a bit of diva in her and I’m very much worried for the years to come! As usual, an absolute Daddy’s girl, which I’m kinda happy about and it means as soon as Rob walks through the front door I am able to get 10 minutes peace. She has her 1 year injections coming up soon and although I’ve always been okay with that sort of thing – I’m worried now that she’s older she is more likely to have more of a reaction to the jabs rather than when they’re newborn and have no idea what’s going on. Fingers crossed it’s not so bad!

And finally… SAT’s TESTS?! Last week I received an email from my son’s school regarding the SAT’s tests he will be taking around mid-May this year. Although I can understand the reasons behind SAT’s tests is for teachers to have an understanding of each individual children’s current progression in school – aren’t they able to understand all of that just looking at their current school work?

To me, it’s just another way of comparing the children and categorising them into who is good and who is not so good. Not only that, I feel it puts an awful lot of pressure on us parents wanting our children to succeed and do well, of course, but if our children didn’t do so well, will we judge ourselves and put the blame on us as parents for failing our kids?

Thankfully, the schools have put a strategy in place for the children so they’re completely unaware they’re taking these tests and incorporate it in their everyday school work, which I think is great. Every child is different and although this test will show how different our children and their little brains are – it’s a shame it’s having to be done at such a young age where play is still considered a learning mechanism.

Unfortunately, at home, Alfie isn’t always the best of children to sit down and get on with school work. I understand it’s hard as they spend 6 hours a day, 5 days a week at school and when they’re at home they want to be going out having fun, or enjoying the time they have out of school. I’m going to have to get around some strategy to get Alfie working more from home in preparation for his SAT’s tests.. any ideas welcome?!

Thanks for reading!

Laura xx


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  1. May 2, 2017 / 7:49 am

    Sorry to hear about the mastitis – painful! My son is also about to do SATs and the school don’t seem to let the kids know too much that they are ‘tests’ – they have regular assessment weeks so I think it is dressed up as another one of those. My only top tip would be to buy a white board, Wilko have them really cheap. My kids love doing work on it and wiping it off because they sort of play teachers while they are doing it so don’t always realise they’re actually doing school work x

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