What Type Of Mum Are You?

There are many different mums in this world, especially those you see and meet during those school pick ups and drop offs. There are those that p*** me off, in all their glory strutting with their 6 inch heels with their kids who resemble those of Victoria Beckham. There are also those who are always in a rush, unwashed hair and wearing yesterdays clothes (that’s me!). So with further ado, here is my list of common character mums –


  • THE ‘COOL’ MUM – You know, those ones which you always look at & say to yourself ‘why can’t I be like that?’ , the ones who are down with the kids, who drive a high end car and always look glamorous at 8:30 in the morning. HOW do they get the time? or better yet.. HOW do they possess such motivation in the mornings?! 


  • THE ‘ORGANISED’ MUM – They’re always on time, their children always complete their home learning homework which most mums hadn’t even heard of! They’re the ones who always attend those monotonous school meetings and make other people feel unintentionally s***. 


  • THE ‘MOTHER’ MUM – The mum which you always head to for advice and questions – they always know the answer! They carry plasters, tissues, wet wipes, all inside their Mary Poppins handbag! 


  • THE ‘UNORGANISED’ MUM – These mums always give me a giggle in the mornings. They’re the ones with just washed soaking wet hair, homework forgotten & left at home and they’re running to the school gate a minute before it closes! usually the ones who walk in half way through a school play (oops!). 


  • THE ‘QUIET’ MUM – It gets to the end of the school year without you even noticing them or realising their child & your child are best friends. Usually lovely, but have just one mum friend which they have chats with. 


  • THE ‘SCHOOL’ MUM – The ones which arrange and are involved with school events, they know the ins and outs of what goes on & are the first to let people know of any news. Usually know of news before any mums have even received a school letter! (knows EVERYONE) 


You meet so many people when you have children, especially at the school gates. I have made friends who I know I’ll be friends with for the rest of my life and I’m so grateful for that. What mums have you come across at the school gate? 



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