10 Boring Facts About Me!

Hello everyone! Today I thought I’d write 10 boring facts about myself, so everyone who views my blog get to know more about me!

Starting off..

1. My biggest fear is wasps and bees. The thought of them makes me want to hide away under my bed! I am absolutely terrified of wasps & bees.. I run away & flap about like an absolute girl, no matter how many times Rob tells me to stay still – I never listen!

2. I have a rare blood type! That seems to change?! When I was pregnant with Alfie I had a negative blood type and when I was pregnant with Holly, I had a positive! However after some research, it has come to my knowledge that it was possibly a testing error, never the less – It’s a rare one.

3. I am 5ft 2″, Rob refers to me as a midget, but coming from someone who is a whole foot taller than me, I can see why!

4. My eyes change colour in the sun, from hazel to green! Oooh..

5. I hate cotton wool! Ugh the thought of it makes me cringe, I cannot touch it or even think about it. 

I told you it was my favourite!

6. My favourite dinner is spaghetti bolognese! Ever since I was young, I could eat a whole mountain full and still want more. Even writing this now makes me want to eat it, hmmm. 

7. My favourite film is Shaun of the Dead, I’m not a lover of zombie films, but this film is epic! 

8. I am a very unconfident driver! Sad to say, but even the thought of driving somewhere long distance freaks me out! I’ll drive a few miles, if that, and that’s my lot! 

9. I never wanted children and never thought twice about marriage. But here I am, 23 with two children and engaged! Who’da thought! 

10. Finally, I love love love photography, I own a Nikon D3200, It’s my absolute pride and joy. Hoping to upgrade in the near future. Capturing moments on photo and video is what I live for, especially when I have two gorgeous kids to take snaps of on a daily basis! 

..That’s it! 10 boring facts about me! What’s yours?! 🙂

L xx

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