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As some of you may have seen from my ‘Time To Wean?’ post, I have started trying to wean Holly; she now sits unaided, she holds her head well and is able to swallow, all of these things, were a sign to me that she was ready – (plus the fact of her lunging towards any piece of food I had). I began by giving her a small bowl of baby porridge every morning, she took to it well, ate it all and hardly spat any out!


A week ago she began refusing food and was breastfeeding more, I didn’t exactly do my research whether this was a common thing when you begin weaning, but I just went with the flow! She hadn’t eaten anything for a whole week and a half, but I wasn’t overly concerned. I thought that perhaps porridge was too bland, although I’m sure it isn’t for a baby of her age; but I wanted to give Ella’s Kitchen a go, they have such a huge variety of food pouches and I couldn’t wait to stock up.




At first, I wasn’t entirely sold when it came to ready-made food for babies; I always imagined myself cooking up these extravagant meals for my 6 month old baby and freezing them so I can defrost and use them whenever I needed (which I still hope to do in the future), but for now, I needed something which not only gave Holly the extra nutrition she needed, but also great, new tastes!


Considering she had lost interest in food but still appeared hungry, she took so well to these! I had tried her with small bits of pureed food, but I wanted to wait until she was 6 months until I weaned her properly. Her favourite is the ‘red peppers, sweet potato and apples’, although I haven’t given her a huge amount (two spoonfuls per bowl), she had such delight on her face each time the spoonful came towards her and she really enjoyed it!


Overall, I am really impressed by Ella’s Kitchen, there is such a huge variety to choose from and it makes it fun instead of buying such bland baby food! Baby lead weaning is fast approaching and although she will be having purees sometimes, I can’t wait to buy their 7+ month range for her to try once she has been used to solids!

Have you tried Ella’s Kitchen products? What did your baby think? 

Laura x

Disclamer: I was not paid for the review of these products. All opinions are my own.
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