A Personalised Letter Box Cake With Baker Days #Review

If I could choose one thing which I think is one of the most important on birthdays, it would definitely have to be cake!

I always think it’s so exciting to see what cake you’re being presented with on your special day and each year for Alfie, I’ve chose cakes which I know he’ll love and be surprised with.

I’d never heard of bakerdays before and I was excited when I was asked to review one of their letter box cakes. When I came across their website and had a good look around, I was thoroughly impressed – they have EVERY cake you could think of available to customise to your needs and order to be delivered right at your door step. Bakerdays is a Personalised Celebration Cake Specialist, providing quality personalised cakes for all occasions. The delicious range of recipes and sizes are available for delivery 6 days a week, and if you order before 2pm, bakerdays can deliver the very next day!



Alfie was very excited when he saw his personalised letter box cake, all ready for his 7th birthday. There was SO many to choose from, but with a 7 year old spider-man fanatic, I definitely wasn’t let down with the design of our cake and the quality.

The little touches to our letter box cake was lovely, it also included a small bag of balloons as well as a birthday whistle which definitely kept Alfie and Holly amused! It was lovely to have something special included in our letter box cake.

The Letterbox cake is the baby of the bakerdays family. Being just 5” in diameter, it fits perfectly through the Letterbox allowing you to surprise anyone with the most delicious personalised gift. But despite it’s size, it provides (in my opinion) probably 5 small portions of cake, without any going to waste. Who likes wasted cake?!

The packaging is also something which I’d like to mention as it’s definitely what impressed me at first glance. A cake, through a letter box.. what could go wrong? well, nothing! The cardboard box which it was great quality so you can be rest assured your cake will be delivered in one piece! (pun intended).

Unfortunately, our cake was delivered a little earlier than expected and as a result of that, the icing on our cake had slightly blurred out Alfie’s beautiful face by the time his birthday came around (oops!). When I’d first received it, his face was clear and I was pretty impressed with the quality of the photograph and lettering. With a cake, it’s a little hit and miss whether the photograph will look good enough, but bakerdays certainly didn’t disappoint. And despite that, his face was still recognisable and thankfully no-one even noticed!

The cake itself was wonderful, especially for a cake which was ordered online. The sponge was very light which sat between a bed of buttercream and jam (my favourite). The balance between both the cake and the filling was perfect and not too overpowering. As well as that, the cake did not let itself down on moisture and was a hit for the whole family. Bakerdays cakes have a best before date of at least two weeks before delivery (TWO WHOLE WEEKS!), and to be stored in a cool dry place. I wouldn’t usually expect cake to have that long of a best before date so I was impressed with the fantastic shelf life.

If you haven’t yet heard of Baker Days, I would definitely recommend to check out their website for all different wonderful cakes for all occasions. I’ll certainly be ordering a cake from them in the not so distant future!


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