Keeping The Head Lice & Nits Away With KIT & COCO #Review

As a mother (and step-mother) to 3 young boys, head lice is something which we need to keep an eye out for.

Myself and my two siblings had head lice on and off for around 6 years and they always found a way of coming back.

Due to there being three of us, they were a nightmare to get rid of and whenever we were rid of them, one of us would catch them again and pass them on to each other.

I used to dread when my mum would pull out the nit comb and we knew we would be in the bathroom for a good couple of hours.

It was boring and not a fun or delightful experience especially being the ages we were.

With having 3 school aged boys in our household, I was delighted to be asked to review KIT & COCO‘s treatment products to help prevent and treat head lice and nits.

KIT & COCO is suitable for the whole family with all hair types and also uses natural ingredients including the main ingredient – coconut oil!

This really interested me as you usually find many products which include lots of chemicals which can be damaging to the hair.

KIT & COCO head lice treatments provides 24 hours of protection from head lice and doesn’t include any parabens, insecticides, silicone or alcohol!


First impressions – 

We were sent the full range of KIT & COCO head lice treatment products which included:

  • Head lice protective spray and head band
  • Refill pack of the head lice treatment shampoo
  • Protective mousse
  • The complete treatment which included a head lice comb, four treatment shampoos, a shower cap and an applicator brush

They also included a pack of temporary tattoos for the kids to enjoy!

My first impressions of the packaging was that it gave a sense of ‘cool’ to the idea of head lice treatment. It was smart, clean and the boys really liked the characters.


Usage – 

As like most head lice treatments, they are to be used when you’re washing your child’s hair. The instructions were very clear and definitely easy to use.

The shampoo capsules were easy to open by twisting the cap off of the top and apply to your child’s wet hair and the comb and applicator were lightweight and easy to hold when wet.

The applicator was easy to use as our 3 boys all have short hair – however I could possibly see this being a little issue with young girls who have much longer hair.

We left the product on for a good 45 minutes as advised and it did seem like a very long time. However, due to our boys wanting bath time play, this wasn’t an issue and they were happy to have it on their hair for that amount of time.

The scent of the shampoo isn’t the best, but this was to be expected from my own experiences with head lice treatments.

The protective spray however and the hair mousse did smell quite nice, but I’m sure it’s more due to preference.



Features – 

Included in the kit is a pink headband which you’re able to spray with the protective spray and use it as an accessory. Although, with 3 boys, this wasn’t really an option!

However, for young girls I thought it was such a fantastic idea. I only wish this product was available when myself and my sister were younger.

The whole idea of having your child protected from head lice with an accessory is clever and I was very impressed – I may even use it myself!

The kit also included a protective mousse which is hydrating, protecting and provides nourishment for the hair on daily use.

What I like about this is, for a head lice treatment it is able to do good for the hair as well as protect it.

For this product to include coconut oil as a main ingredient really interested me and I was very impressed because, everyone knows coconut oil does wonders for the hair!

Coconut oil is naturally hydrating, nourishing and soothing. It both strengthens the hair as well as soothes irritations of the scalp. And as well as all of those things, leaves your hair soft and shiny!

And something which I never knew, coconut oil is an active participant in the treatment of head lice!

Last thoughts – 

KIT & COCO have really impressed me with this head lice protection and treatment kit – I feel rest assured that these products are able to protect our 3 boys of head lice and nits.

Alfie has been using these products for little over a week and his hair seems much more shinier and soft, which I didn’t think we could achieve with products which help prevention of head lice.

Despite the very potent smell of the shampoo, it didn’t seem to bother our boys, thankfully. But you could find if you have a child who is more sensitive to smells – it could be an issue.

From my own personal experience with head lice treatments, the smell of these products were no where near as foul odoured as other brands out there, so I would definitely consider keeping that in mind.

The kit came with everything you would need to help treat and protect your child’s hair and the nice touches like the shower cap, protective spray and headband were a bonus.

The additional products like the temporary tattoos were fab and the boys really enjoyed these – I even had one too!


Overall, these products are very easy to use and a fantastic kit with everything you need to help protect from and treat head lice.

Jamie Webb, the founder of KIT & COCO has some brilliant tips to help keep head lice at bay! –

1: Keep long hair tied up

Head lice don’t have wings, nor can they fly or hop from head to head.  The only way head lice can be passed on is through head to head contact; whether this is during playground games, selfies, sharing hairbrushes, or even when two hats or scarves touch on the communal coat rack.  Even when detached from the hair, the critters can live between 12 – 24 hours. Keeping your little one’s hair tied up in a ponytail, plait or bun is a great start to preventing head lice.

2: Use a protective spray or mousse 

Free from alcohol, parabens, silicone and insecticides, KIT & COCO’s gentle protective mousse and spray provide 24 hour protection against lice.  Perfect for school time or sleepovers, families can opt for the mousse or hair spray with a fashionable head band to ensure hydration and protection.

3: Identify the critters 

Although itching is the first symptom, only 30% of children are aware of an infestation so it’s worth carrying out a full hair inspection under good lighting on a regular basis.  Nits (the eggs) and head lice especially like the nape of the neck and behind the ears as these are the warmest parts of the head.  Nits are easier to spot than lice, which are speedy little critters and the best way to make a correct diagnosis is by using KIT & COCO’s ultra-efficient fine toothed comb!

4: Act fast 

Lice can produce around 10 eggs a day which take around seven days to hatch so one small problem can escalate into a larger issue very quickly!  Our KIT & COCO complete treatment kit includes everything you need to combat head lice and nits from treatment shampoo to a gentle ergonomic nit comb, applicator brush, protective shower cap as well as surprise treat for little ones! Here at KIT & COCO, we’ve harnessed the unique qualities of coconut oil and rich botanic oil to deliver gentle yet effective prevention and treatment for head lice and nits.  As head lice are constantly adapting to create a resistance to Pediculicides (chemical based insecticides), KIT & COCO has utilised plant based active ingredients – to totally eliminate head lice and nits (eggs) through asphyxiation, which head lice simply can’t develop any resistance to.  The treatment range utilises the fatty acids from coconut oil to clog the respiratory system of head lice to banish those little pests for good.  Our 45-minute treatment is proven to be 100% effective against lice and nits, find out more here:


The KIT & COCO products are available to buy from, Amazon and pharmacies nationwide.



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I was sent these products in exchange for review. All opinions are my own. 



  1. December 12, 2016 / 1:57 pm

    Good product review even though you now have me itching my head – aaaargh! haha x

    • December 12, 2016 / 6:38 pm

      Haha thanks Amy! Yeah me too – I have a slight fear of head lice now after having them on and off for 6 years when I was younger! Pesky things. I’ve been using the protective spray every morning on my sons hair since we received it! xx

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