Holly – 19 Weeks

Ahh how is it this time already?! Holly is growing so quickly and her bright, bubbly personality is shining through, as well as her very well developed lungs. It only feels like yesterday when I walked out of the maternity unit with my tiny baby girl heading home & it was such a beautiful day!
As you know she has 3 older brothers who absolutely adore her & dote on her any chance they get, we know she’ll be kept a close eye on when she’s older, especially when boys are concerned! 

I wanted to include a few of my favourite pictures as well as do her milestones! 

  • She is now blowing raspberries! And likes to copy Daddy doing it too.  

  • She is much more alert & enjoys grabbing toys, objects and not to forget my hair! Ouch. She has just recently learnt how to use her thumbs to hold onto things, but it’s early days and does tend to let go after a few seconds.

  • One word, FEET! It has now come to her realisation that she has two of them! She likes to grab them and rock back and forth, as well as suck on her toes of course. 

  • She is now rolling over more often, she did roll over miraculously at 5 weeks old, but didn’t for a long time and now she is rolling at any chance she gets. 

  • Our breastfeeding journey is still underway, anyone who has/is breastfeeding know how hard it is to begin with, you’re both learning how to do it & what works best for you both. Considering I begged Rob to bring me in those ready made cow & gate bottles into hospital on day 2, makes me SO proud how far we’ve come already, I guess we can both take a pat on the back for that. 

  • The most heart-warming thing to hear when you have a baby has to be their first laugh. It was when we were visiting my mum in Ireland a few weeks back that I heard her first giggle – over a plastic bag?! It made me so happy. 

If you have small babies, what are their recent milestones? 

L x

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  1. August 22, 2016 / 3:27 am

    No problem Natalie, love your blog! Ah, well I hope that doesn't mean it's not just me being hit with this sleep regression?! 4am wake up this morning! X

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