Holly – 5 Months Update

It’s crazy to think we’re almost half way through Holly’s first year. It still only feels like yesterday when me and Rob were walking to the maternity unit at 2am getting all excited and laughing at my ‘waddle walk’ as my waters were leaking (TMI – sorry not sorry). 

She has achieved a few milestones since 4 months, and I love sharing them and also love reading other peoples baby milestones! I know everyone says “Where has the time gone?!” but seriously, it’s pretty much ran off with my sleep and post-pregnancy body. 

  • She is now on the move! Well, almost. I am able to leave her laying in the middle of our living room floor, to come back a minute later with her turned over on to her tummy and on the other side of the room! I wasn’t expecting her to be moving so quickly, after all her brother took forever! It’s so funny watching her slug shuffling all over the place.
  • She is into everything. Talk about being touchy! I cannot hold anything without her grabbing it or wanting to shove it into her mouth. Which does mean, everything which I do hold is covered in baby slob. Yum. She is not yet having food, but we do believe she is becoming more ready as the days go by – she is satisfied with just breast milk and of course, still spends most hours of the day attached to me!
  • She is beginning to show us more of her personality – especially by voice. That’s screaming, growling and even a few squeaks here and there. It’s funny how noises like this can give us a headache, but it’s their way of communicating! I always wonder what she would say if she could speak. My first guess would be “Mummy, have a shower” 
  • She has finally gotten over her ‘4 month sleep regression‘ stage which drove me to absolute insanity. Although recently she has been waking a lot in the night, that was mainly due to her feeling a bit under the weather. I’m not sure how I made it out alive, the constant crying and lack of sleep to top it off. To all the mums currently going through 4 month sleep regression – I am a survivor and I salute you! 
  • We had her 4 month check up with our health visitor last week (a little late I know), she currently weighs 13lb 2oz. She is on the teeny side, but no concerns thank god. 
  • We are currently working on sitting up, she is still a little wobbly, but she is discovering her balance very quickly. I don’t think it will be long before she is sitting on her own. As well as that, she loves being on her feet! I will spend hours on end holding her hands whilst she is jumping on her feet. 

Holly is growing at such a rapid pace, second time round I thought I had an idea of how quickly these early days go, but I had forgotten completely! If you would like to see more of Holly’s monthly milestones, leave me a comment 🙂

Laura x

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