Holly’s first birthday

Yesterday Holly turned one year old – you wouldn’t think it, especially with her weighing 16lb 7oz and so short we believed I would be giving birth to a dwarf around this time last year. I felt excited, happy… but SO emotional all day, especially with Facebook reminding me of how quickly time goes by.

We started the morning by playing with her new Chad Valley ball pit and opening presents of course. Being the age that she is, she didn’t have the slightest clue why the house was decorated with balloons and banners, nor did she realise it was, in fact, her birthday. We’d bought her birthday presents last week and we’d actually given them to her (still packaged) to keep her amused – we’d wrapped them up for her birthday and she acted as though she’d never seen the toys before and was so excited! Mum win!


After we’d opened presents, giggled and played, we had lunch and headed to the beach! It was such a beautiful, sunny day and I definitely wanted to make the most of the gorgeous weather. The best part of living on the south coast is being able to take spontaneous trips to the seaside whenever we feel like it! The fresh air knocks the kids out after a few hours too so it’s a win win!

Despite the lovely sunshine, it wasn’t the hottest of days like some of the days we have had the past week! The sea was still absolutely freezing and me being me, kept my coat on the entire time (I’m always cold!). But, freezing cold sea and slightly chilly wind didn’t stop the boys from running and jumping into the sea of course. How are kids able to do that?!

And it didn’t stop Holly either…

There is also a hilarious story behind this adorable photo of Holly running towards the sea and I’m currently laughing to myself just thinking of it. So Holly decided she wanted to crawl towards the sea and stand up, unfortunately for her, the sea was pretty strong yesterday and she fell over onto her bum! Other wave came and completely pushed her backwards and she ended up laying in the freezing cold sea! Thankfully, being the inquisitive child that she is – didn’t cry, but instead had a huge grin on her face as Rob picked her up out from the water. Brilliant.

Holly, as well as the boys, all had such a lovely time down the beach. Holly even thought it was some kind of all you can eat buffet – she seemed to enjoy the crunchy, salty sand! Once all the kids were dry we headed to the park next to the beach for a little play.

It really was a perfect day and I couldn’t have wished for a better birthday for my little Holly. As you could’ve guessed, we headed home and Holly slept the entire way. We saw family, opened a few more presents and waited for the best part of all… The birthday cake!


Dear Holly, 

I hope your birthday was as perfect as you are. A whole year ago, we were blessed to have you join our family. You’ve brought us so much laughter, happiness and the most precious memories already and we are so thankful for you. 

I love you so much.

Mummy xx 



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