Mumma & Co Is One Month Old! + New Blogger Tips



A whole month has flown by since I started this blog, goes to show; time flies when your having fun! I started my blog as a hobby, something which I am able to enjoy in my free time – as well as document my children’s lives in the hope one day they’ll find this blog. I have to admit, blogging is hard work, but I’ve been enjoying every second and I hope I will still feel the same in 5 years time, which I’m sure I will! 

When I published my first post, I was so anxious thinking no-one would be interested in reading about my life or things I post about, but the support from people has been lovely, I have wanted to become a blogger for so many years and I wish I had started earlier. All thanks to Amy at Everything Mummy for guiding me on this little journey and telling me to “go for it!” which is one of the best pieces of advice I’ve had for a long time. And another huge thank you to everyone who has followed, commented and shared this past month, it really does mean a lot to me. 

The tips I would recommend to anyone who is new at starting a blog or considering it are;

1. Be yourself! Write about what you are passionate about and not what you expect people will like. If I was to write a post about politics because everyone is talking about it, it would be a load of crap, politics does not interest me (although I wish it did) and I wouldn’t enjoy writing about it. 

2. Don’t compare your blog to other peoples; I had a habit of doing this when I first began. What you have to remember is, a lot of people have been blogging for years, yours has only just began – everyone had to start somewhere!

3. Be open to learn new things about the blogging world and be open to advice for improvement. 

4. Interact with other bloggers! Twitter is a huge platform for the blogging community and it’s nice to know you aren’t alone.

5. Google is your best friend, honestly! Blogging did baffle me to begin with, but good old’ Google was my saviour and answered most of the technical questions I needed to know. 

6. Take a break when you need it, starting a blog is such an exciting experience that I spent most nights sitting on the laptop at 2am googling and reading blogs, whilst still getting up 2-3 times a night with Holly. If you’re starting to feel burned out, take a break.

I hope these come somewhat useful to someone! 🙂

Laura x x 

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