Mummy Time! And Day 1 of ‘3 Day Be Positive Challenge’

If your like me, sometimes I need a bit of ‘me time’ to relax, unwind and not think about children, or the wet washing still left in the washing machine. Unfortunately Holly is yet to sleep through the night and is still (proudly) breastfeeding on demand, so her routine is non-existent. Thankfully I have Rob home from work on a Tuesday and it’s nice to have that special hour where I can focus on me for a little bit. 

I’d like to share my ‘Mummy Time’ and what I like to do to unwind on that odd hour a week! Firstly, BATH! Baths really do relax me, perhaps a few candles to set the mood. I can lock myself in the bathroom and not have to worry about a thing for at least 40 minutes (and trust me, 40 minutes without children is a luxury). It’s also something I was advised to do by a physiotherapist because I suffer with, what they thought, is a ‘stiff spine’ which aches every minute of every day – baths help relieve the pain. There are so many bath bubbles, bath soaks and bath bombs to choose from, I like to use the ‘Radox Muscle Soak‘ in my bath, I’m not sure if it actually helps, or the term ‘muscle soak’ makes me think it – either way it really helps me to relax! Or sometimes a fancy bath bomb from Lush Cosmetics is nice too! 

Second is FACE MASK! I love myself a good face mask after a bath (or before), it makes me feel so pampered and clean afterwards. Something which you can get pretty cheap & so easy to quickly apply – really does make you feel like you’re taking care of yourself which doesn’t happen regularly. I usually buy the ‘Montagne Jeunesse‘ (never ask me to pronounce that) face masks. They are dirt cheap too, but do wonders to your skin, they have such a big range of all different types too so you’re spoilt for choice. I’ve wanted to try the ‘Yes to Tomatoes’ clearing face mask as I’ve heard amazing things about it – I may have to pick one up soon, if I do I may write a little review! 

Thirdly is NAILS! I am absolutely obsessed with nail polish, I have all brands and all colours.. Enough to do a half hour nail polish collection video. Painting my nails makes me feel so pampered and that I’ve made a real effort, I don’t know what it is but it puts me in such a good mood when I have lovely, fresh painted nails. My favourite are the Rimmel London 60 Seconds polishes – as you can tell, with 2 demanding children (even when I have that spare hour) I have to make sure my nails are going to dry fast, but still look fab! I use the Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat to finish it off and give them that extra shine and makes them dry even quicker! It’s a god send.

So there are the 3 things which I call my ‘Mummy Time’, most people without children won’t realise what a luxury these things are, but really – THEY ARE! What do you do in your ‘Mummy Time’ to help you wind down? I’d love to hear them.

I have also included 4 very positive things in today’s blog! Here they are:

  • I spoke to my Nan on the phone yesterday, just hearing her voice put such a big smile on my face. She is currently in a care home and we haven’t spoken in months. I cannot wait to see her!
  • There is lovely, blue skies here today in Dorset. A blue sky and some sun puts me in such a happy, positive mood.
  • I’m taking Alfie to soft play this afternoon after a visit from Holly’s health visitor. He loves soft play and makes friends so easily, so I’m able to relax with a cup of coffee! 
  • We’re off on holiday in just 2 days time! I’m so excited to be spending time as a family with lots of fun, laughter and happiness all round. 

Lastly, I’d like to include a photo which I took yesterday which makes me smile every time I look at it. 

Holly, Alfie and Me! 
What are your positives of the day? 

Love, Laura xx
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