My Top 5 Mum & Baby Essentials

I thought I’d use this baby nap time to write my top 5 mum & baby essentials. These are what I have used within the past 4 months & I couldn’t recommend them enough. 

Starting off…


It’s a must have, great value for money I think as a little goes a long way.
Clears any redness/soreness on nappy area quickly.
It contains Vitamin B5, which helps aid natural skin recovery and leaves baby soft, smooth & moisturised! It’s fab. 

This was a little saviour of mine in the early days after I’d had Holly.
It’s quick & easy to remove make-up, but also great if you just need to freshen up after a long night!
They come in Pink – which removes make-up, cleanses & soothes.
Blue – which removes make-up, cleanses & purifies.
Green – which removes make-up, purifies & mattifies.
All round just great, comes in a handy travel size bottle too! 
To anyone who is in the early stages of breastfeeding, or considering it – this is a go to!
It helped me combat those awful pain stricken feeds in the early days.
It helps to soothe & protect sore, cracked nipples.
It’s 100% natural and you’re able to use it before breastfeeding!
So no need to remove before feeding.
With this product, I do feel a little could go a long way, or if you are anything like me, completely smother your breast in it resulting buying a new bottle each week! 10/10.
These are a must have.
Great to quickly grab & remove any milk dribble (or puke).
Can be cheap depending where you shop.
I have also used Muslins as a cleansing cloth, so great for multipurpose use! 
And last but not least…
The first few weeks after having a baby are daunting.
You’re tired & most likely not be getting dressed into day time clothes for a good few weeks (or at least that’s what I did!).
I would actually shower & change back into a clean set of pyjamas!
If you’re a breastfeeding mum, at night time ideally you’d need a tank top for accessible feeding, as well as throughout the day time.
There’s nothing worse getting into pyjamas without it being accessible and faffing around trying to find a way, but fail!
A simple few tank tops & pyjama bottoms will do the job!
So there you have it, my top 5 mum & baby essentials! What would you recommend for mum & baby essentials? 
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