Time To Wean? + My Funny Photo Of The Week!

Holly is now 5 months old, and although she has had a few tastes here and there, she isn’t fully weaned yet. The advised age for weaning is now 6 months old, and I was hoping to start weaning then, but I always question if she is ready. She is now able to sit up with minimal support (yay!), she holds her head very well and waves her hands about and opens her mouth every time we eat. 

I wanted to wait until 6 months purely due to the fear of being judged if I was to start weaning her now – mainly from the ‘parent professionals’. Yesterday, I did try her with some porridge, and she absolutely loved it. She was able to swallow, unlike the usual spitting out which a lot of young babies do. Although it was only a few mouthfuls, she seemed a lot more satisfied. She is a small baby, and has been since birth (6lb 2oz), so I never thought she would be ready about this time. 

I feel happy to start weaning her now, she is showing every sign possible and she shows me that she is happy/satisfied instead of quiet and uncomfortable. A lot of babies grab things, especially food as it’s interesting, but I’ve now learned the difference between grabbing food because it’s fun, and grabbing food because she wants to eat.

She is happy, I’m happy and our weaning journey starts here! When did you start to wean your baby?

I’d also like to include my funny photo of the week! Something which I can look back on as a little ‘pick me up’ (I’m writing this whilst listening to the horrendous thunder and lightening eeeek)

Here is Alfie, in all his glory, using a very flattering Snapchat filter! He does make me laugh.

Laura xx

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