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Hello, I’m Laura and welcome to my new blog at Mumma & Co! Generally, this blog is a hobby, something which I can enjoy on a day to day basis to take away the stress and hardship of being a mother. I have two children, Alfie, 6, and Holly who is 4 months old, and also my fiance, so make that three! 

I am 23 years old. Yep, you guessed it, young mum! Which I do get branded with on a regular basis. I gave birth to my hilarious, handsome, red head 6 year old little boy when I was 17. It was tough, emotionally challenging, but I guess I could explain in more detail regarding that another time. 
Fast forward 6 years.. Along comes Holly Dolly! My beautiful, bright-eyed daughter. Partially planned, but again, still shock. All round, just everything I had hoped for. And definitely the apple of her big brothers eye. 
My fiance, Rob, also has two other children. Two boys, aged 7 and 5. They play a huge part in our family, and we love spending time with them. So as you can imagine, with myself and Rob, 4 kids.. It does get pretty hectic in our household, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 
So, I guess I’ve given somewhat of an introduction into my life, the rest I can save for other blog posts, which I plan on doing every week (don’t take my word for it!). This is me, Mumma & Co…
L x
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